► For commercial assignments you can contact me using the contact forms on this website.
► I only do project based assignments, so no hourly rates.
► Due to very limited available time, I only do art based themes.
► I'm not for hire for public events (so no wedding photography, sport events, concerts, etc).

It is not possible to buy any of my works in this portfolio. If you desire specific themes based upon concepts used in my portfolio, you can request a commercial assignment.
If you like my work, you can support my work via my Patreon account.

As the assignments from clients keep on growing, I had very little to no time left for other events, like giving workshops. I've stopped giving workshops since 2017 but once in a while I am willing to give a brief workshop for photographer groups. Such a workshops usually takes about two hours and the contents can vary, but mostly cover a part of the basics of photography, styles and a brief overview of postprocessing (with Adobe Photoshop).